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Nuna Pipa Lite Granite



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Nuna’s featherweight Pipa Lite is designed to keep your baby safe from both collisions and chemicals. At only 5.3 lbs, it’s more than two pounds lighter than the original Nuna Pipa, and the lightest-weight infant car seat on the market. That’s a big deal, because when you’re hauling a baby in a car seat over your forearm, every pound matters.

Designed in Europe, the Pipa Lite is also one of the very safest seats out there, exceeding American safety standards. Lightweight Aeroflex foam absorbs and diffuses energy in case of a crash, minimizing the force transferred to your baby. The seat has side impact protection and a stability leg that folds down and wedges against the car floor, absorbing collision forces in an accident and stabilizing your baby’s ride the rest of the time.

The steel-reinforced base is easy to install, and a True Lock system with color-coded indicators lets you know when you’ve got all the buckles fastened and locks in place (green means installation is complete; red tells you there’s more to do).

Another callout for the Pipa Lite is its high-end fabrics. All the materials used in this seat are flame resistant, but without any added fire retardant chemicals—among the very few car seats on the market without fire retardants. The seat fabric is a comfy organic cotton knit.

One drawback is that unlike the Nuna Pipa, the Pipa Lite MUST be used with the base. So while the Pipa is great for families who travel often by plane, cab or ride share and don’t want to carry the base with them, the Pipa Lite is better for parents who will be using the same car(s) regularly.

Another popular feature the Pipa Lite doesn’t have is the Dream Drape, an extended canopy shade that comes with the original Pipa and the Pipa Lite LX. The pricier LX version also comes with seat covers made of merino wool, which you won’t find here (the Dream Drape and wool fibers also make the Pipa Lite LX a few ounces heavier than the Pipa Lite).

All Nuna infant seats work with the same base, and an additional base can also be purchased to install the Pipa Lite in multiple vehicles.

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